onwardandmore (onwardandmore) wrote in highestfashion,

issey 2007 spring/summer

hello everyone here,

for  the spring and summer collection, i attended the shows in paris especially the VERY LAST show by naoki takizawa. it was his very last collection for chez miyake. that said, is anyone here interested in buying the show favor given to only guests in the 1st and 2nd row? it is a collectors item and i normally would not sell it, but i am raising funds to buy a beautiful object from the last rochas collection and given miyake and rochas, i chose rochas.

the picts are of my invite, so you can see it is real and did come from the last show. and then the object: a beautiful paper fan--gold, aquamarine and green depicting issey miyake near the arc de triomphe and champs-élysées. there is a gold foil at the bottom.

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